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Happy Father’s Day from the Connected Family!

This Father’s Day, we thank all fathers for their drive, care, enthusiasm, and love for their children!

A child never forgets a father’s love and understanding. All fathers play an important role in helping their child develop their confidence, self-esteem, and identity.

In the post above, we explore some of the many ways in which fathers are amazing!

Which ‘fatherly’ situation do you relate to the most?

Food for thought: We all approach parenting challenges differently. Depending on how we're wired, we may prefer one thing over another or decide to view a situation through a particular 'lens' or perspective.

For example, some fathers may naturally gravitate towards the possible downsides or pitfalls of any given situation, which helps them feel prepared to cope when difficulties arise.

Others may sway towards noticing the positives, enabling them to focus on finding alternate solutions whilst staying optimistic.

Neither approach is 'better' than the other. What's important to recognise is that your unique way of thinking and looking at the world is bound to rub off on your child, and with awareness and appreciation, you two can become a powerful pair!

So, are you a glass half-empty (pitfalls) or a glass half-full (bright sides) kind of person?

Do you tend to want to move towards awards, recognition, and trophies, or are you satisfied with the knowledge that you conquered a tough challenge and learnt life lessons along the way?

By developing insight and awareness about how you both tick, you’ll feel more equipped to choose your responses, know what really resonates with your child, and grow closer as a result!

No matter what 'type' of father you are, you undoubtedly want your child to reach for the stars. In case you don't hear this enough, your efforts are never forgotten!

Fathers are heroes, so here’s wishing you a very Happy Father’s Day!

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