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Happy Mother’s Day from the Connected Family!

This Mother’s Day, we thank all mothers for their dedication, strength, and kindness towards their children!

Parenting isn’t easy – there are countless challenges along the way – but a mother’s love and understanding build the bedrock of a child’s character, confidence, and identity.

In this post, we celebrate the many different kinds of mothers and the special role they each play in their children’s lives!

Food for thought: Understanding our individual personalities – how our brains are wired – can help us figure out why we behave a certain way, and equip us to build better relationships with our children.

For example, some mothers may brush off adversity easily, while others may dwell on feelings of disappointment that they eventually channel to make better decisions.

While neither way is ‘better’ than the other, by becoming aware of your own tendencies, you can learn to better interact with your child’s unique personality!

So, are you quick to anger when it comes to a personal injustice?

Do you like to stick to a rigorous plan, or do you prefer some flexibility to better deal with disruptions?

By answering these questions and developing your awareness, you can begin to form a stronger bond with your child.

It starts with gaining additional insights into the way you think, and appreciating what makes you unique!

No matter what ‘type’ of mother you are, we all want what’s best for our children. And in case you don’t hear this enough, you’re doing an awesome job!

Mothers are superheroes in the eyes of their children, so here’s wishing you a very Happy Mother’s Day!


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