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How do I understand and unlock my child’s potential?

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Parenting is a journey filled with love, joy, and connection. But let’s be honest: Parenting is not always easy. There are moments of frustration, confusion, and conflict. But there is a powerful bridge that can turn challenges into opportunities.
The key is understanding. 
Every child has a unique personality – the foundation of who they will become. When we seek to understand our child, we speak their unique language and unlock their limitless potential.

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world through your child’s eyes!

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Connected is a navigational tool that helps parents understand their child’s personality and how it relates to their own.

With deep and specific insights, Connected helps you navigate everyday parenting challenges, apply practical strategies, and create moments of growth and connection.

Best of all, Connected is designed with busy parents in mind with concise and actionable insights that can be implemented over time.

Connected helps parents navigate their unique parenting journey through:


Personalised tips and strategies customised to
you and your child.


Eye-opening insights
about the dynamics of
your relationship.

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Powerful daily reminders straight to your app and email.


Videos, comics, and articles to help you discover the hidden potential of your child.

Hear from Connected Parents about how understanding personality has made a difference in their relationship

Connected has helped me to give my son the space and time he needs when it comes to engaging in new activities.

I can see him being more willing to try now that I understand how he works and have changed my approach to that of his style.


Mother of a 10 and 8 year old

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After using Connected for a week, I'm able to communicate better with my girl. Our relationship improved a lot and I'm able to understand her better. I'm less frustrated compared to previously just not knowing what to do.


Mother of four children

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The app uses fun ways to let me understand how she thinks and how I need to slowly deposit trust in her, to allow her time to have more trust in me when I encourage her to attempt new playground structures.


Mother of a 5 year old

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Join a growing community of parents who have experienced positive changes with Connected.

Discover how to navigate your unique
journey with each child!

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Daily Spotlight:
Receive valuable insights about you and your child’s personality EVERY DAY delivered straight to your inbox and phone.

Personality Playbook: 25 chapters of insights that compare various aspects of you and your child’s personality, including articles, videos and customised tips to try in real life.

Entertaining child-friendly comics that explore why personality traits drive behaviours and how to use these insights to grow closer.

Connected is FREE to use with Premium features available!

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Build a profile for both you and your child

Answer a few questions about how you perceive yourself and your child.

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Explore how your personalities relate

View your Snapshot and receive customised insights delivered daily to your inbox by our Spotlight.

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Discover how to bring out the best in each other

Unlock Premium content and features, including practical tips and handles you can apply in real life.



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Now’s the time to discover the world through your child’s eyes!

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