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Our Science


Most of us aren't strangers to the concept of "personality"

Chances are, you've already used words like "introvert" or "extrovert" to describe yourself or people around you.

Connected is powered by PEAKS technology, which is aligned with the Five-Factor Model of Personality (FFM).

But simply feeding you technical data was never our plan.

Our focus: relationships

Instead, our work has centred around a less tangible principle: by going upstream, Connected helps you nurture stronger relationships with your family through deeper understanding.

We’ve married our technical know-how of psychometrics with clinical experience and research in developmental psychology, to develop a growing library of engaging content so you can digest and apply these concepts to your real life.

While there is a scientific basis to what we do, our main focus revolves around creative content development and design.

Designing the Playbook

Our content is the starting point, but we believe that the real journey happens when you take the time to observe, reflect and apply it to your everyday situations.

Through the magic of storytelling, the Connected Digital Playbook is easily absorbed in small doses so that you can spend time where it really matters: with your loved ones.

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